When people think of precise work and excellence, they would often imagine a Swiss watch. The centuries-old tradition of helvetian watchmaking has made Swiss Madeproducts synonymous with the highest quality. Born from this tradition, Appella brand embodies the spirit of the craft and is proud to carry the Swiss made mark.

The roots of Appella can be traced back the first half of 20th century, when a Swiss watchmaker Paul Glocker was making his first steps in running Ebossa Group. He was not only a skilled craftsman, but also a successful businessman, when in 1943 he founded Appella.

Appella's Quality

Paul Glocker, the founding father of Appella, drew his success from manufacturing Roskopf watch mechanisms in his Ebossa factory that were considered a cutting-edge product of Swiss craftsmanship at that time. Inspired by the revolutionary mechanical design and production process, Paul Glocker made sure that Appella's vision featured the same qualities of excellence.

Celebrate the past to inspire the future

Appella still draws from its rich history. The legacy of outstanding watchmakers who created the brand lives on through the traditions as they continue to inspire the makers and designers of Appella watches in the modern day.

The new owner of the Appella brand, ADRIATICA PR & A Watch Sagl, is a company with an extensive background and long traditions in the world of watchmaking.

Under the stewardship of ADRIATICA PR & A Watch Sagl, Appella's customers around the world will receive the finest experience worthy of the SWISS MADE warranty.

With customers at heart

If one would ask what comes to mind thinking about Swiss watches, many would associate them with reliability, high quality, elegance and traditional style. Adriatica brand embodies these qualities and is universally valued for them. The same level of reliability and eleganceis championed by Appella.

For a long time, these two brands were separate, however, they co-existed in the same space. The customers who would have looked for Swiss watches with a real Helvetian spirit would often find themselves choosing between Adriatica and Appella.

Creativity can be often driven by competition, but it is the collaborative spirit that can create the best outcomes. This vision has inspired the owners of Adriatica who saw the potential that the Appella brand could bring. Having their customers at heart, Adriatica and Appella have united to make the offering of ADRIATICA PR & A Watch Sagl complete, unique and 100% Swiss made.

Appella's new family

Today Appella is being re-born. The watches of this brand can once again win the hearts of the customers as Appella joins the family of the esteemed timepieces under the leadership of ADRIATICA PR & A Watch Sagl, whose watches are cherished and sought after globally.

Appella has a clear path to establish a relationship with customers based on trust. It is built upon a long history, Swiss quality and remarkable presentation. Appella watches can be recognised by the unison of the traditional style and diamond finish.

Diamonds in the making

Diamond finish is at the core of Appella. Diamonds are the metaphorical signature on the timepiece confirming that the watch sitting on the wrist of the person is Appella. Those gems amplify the unique style and make it even more magnificent, more grandeur, just perfect.

Today the Appella brand weaves together classic Swiss quality and modern design. Appella timepieces quarantee a precision of operation for many years and a sophisticated look that will not go unnoticed.

Sapphire glass protecting the dial of each piece ensures the longevity of Appella products. Outstanding scratch resistance and flawless transparency of the glass unravel the exquisite beauty of the watch.

This charming appearance can be enhanced in women collection, when the highest-quality diamonds are embedded in the dial or the case of a watch.

Reaching to its rich history, and preserving the elegance of the design and the finesse make of the pieces, Appella is a prouct that can elevate and refine the image of customers around the world.